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Better Marketing Rejected My Story Although I’m A Marketer And Then…

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it went viral.

Better Marketing is one of Medium’s biggest publications.

It’s a publication by and for marketers.

A few weeks ago, I was wondering why I hadn’t submitted a story yet.

  • Several of my students got published in this big publication.
  • I recommend in my online course to reach for the stars — even with a small following.

That’s why I thought:

Why not giving Better Marketing a try?!

Background info: I’m a REAL and award-winning marketer.

I’m no wanna-be marketer sharing tips and tricks as most of the writers.

I know my profession and I love to share my knowledge.

Nevertheless, the editorial team rejected my first submission.

Instead of stress-eating and crying…. I kindly replied to the rejection email and…

published it with one of my favorite publications by Dr Mehmet Yildiz — ILLUMINATION.

Guess what happened next?

It went viral!🚀 haha…😜

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