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“Better Medium” Could Make Writers Smile Again

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Instead of binge-eating and crying in front of their screens.

You might know the Top Publications Better Humans, Better Marketing, and Better Programming

What you might not know is that all of these publications were launched by “Coach Tony”. Medium’s new CEO Tony Stubblebine.

So in one of my latest stories, I suggested Tony, as the face of the company, and its team might start a publication called “Better Medium”.

With his three publications, Tony wants us to get smarter about marketing, programming, and habit-forming… why not about writing on Medium?

“Better Medium” could be an official hub for all information related to Medium

The benefits?

  • We could follow the publication as the one-stop-publication in regard to all things related to writing on Medium.
  • We could get all the news and updates we need to know and keep on writing.
  • BAM!

Why do we need to collect all the information and data from the Product Team, Tony, Scott, Brena, Help Center, Creators Hub, 3 Min. Read and all other sources?

Why not share them in ONE place?

“Better Medium” could be a hub for all information related to Medium.
made in Canva with screenshots from Medium

This isn’t rocket science.

“Better Medium” could make Medium writers smarter and smile more

Coach Tony could be the editor-in-chief, add Scott Lamb (VP Content), Brena (Lead Product), and all the other employees as editors/writers to the publication.

Plus, they could allow “guest posts” by Medium’s audience to discuss specific topics and new updates with the community.

I’m sure this could make a better place for writers, readers, and employees.

Make them smile again — instead of binge-eating and crying in front of their screens.

🥂Here’s to more clarity!🥂

I’m curious. What do you think about this idea?

© Kristina God

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