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Better Think Before You Judge A Mother In Public

  • 1 min read

…although she might look like a sMOMbie

I used to encounter moms in the park who seemed like zombies. Staring at their smartphones or talking on the phone. Pushing the stroller as if it were secondary.

I often thought:

“Aha! Her smartphone is more important than her child.”

As a newbie parent, however, I found that I had become exactly one of those sMOMbies. What happened?

Life as a mom has happened.

So, now I’m also one of those sMOMbies running around. And I’m pleased about these moments. Because if someone sees me with my smartphone, it means I’ve done everything I can to make sure my baby falls asleep gently in the stroller.

Have a little sympathy for me. I’m just taking a moment for myself before my baby wakes up again.

Live. Love and Laugh 😉

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