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Better To Die On Your Feet

  • 2 min read

…than live on your knees.

For the Medium Writer’s Challenge, I wrote a meaningful story about my grandfather.

Before he died, he gave me $2,000 in order to fulfill my dream🗽. Here’s the story.

To date, my story got 27 comments. I haven’t been able to answer all comments yet but at least I read them.

For instance, Will Hull commented:

screenshot by Kristina God

This was an inspiration for the title of this post. As Will says it’s the name of a song.

I did some research and discovered it’s a quote by Franklin Roosevelt from 1941 and it’s about freedom.

My grandfather lived a rich life but did regret not going to America.

By the time he understood this, it was too late. He no longer had the freedom to go out and see something of the world.

Please check out my heartwarming story:

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