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Big Journeys Begin With Small Steps — Get Curated, Become A Top Writer, Get Featured And Earn

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Only One Spot Left In Kristina God’s Boot Camp 2

Last Wednesday, I’ve launched my Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp 2.

  • Within 24 hours, three people signed up.
  • Within 48 hours, five people signed up.

On day three of my launch, I told Robert Ralph, owner of New Writers Welcome, that — as a busy, working mom — my goal is to have 15 people by Wednesday 19, 2021.

Then I want to close the doors to narrow my focus on creating the actual content (edutaining videos, templates, cheat sheets etc.) for my Boot Camp.

Recording and editing videos in my 3–4 hours of tiger time (after I put my child to bed) in the evening is very tough.

It takes a lot of time, energy, and discipline.

As a father of three adorable children, Robert surprised me and his community with a special and very generous giveaway — a hot seat in my course.

I’ve never seen this before

Have you ever seen a publication on Medium sponsoring one inspiring writer a course that cost $169?

I’ve never seen this before and this is a one-off thing.

Don’t be scared to put yourself out there and write 150 words about WHY you are the one that deserves this sponsorship.

You don’t compete with other writers.

You are your biggest enemy.

Self-promotion isn’t a dirty thing to do = showing your work, showing who you are is crucial as a creator.

Please don’t miss this one of a kind opportunity:

There’s one spot left in my course

I think within a few hours, my course will be fully booked.

There’s only one spot left.

Here are some testimonial stories by T Mann Trisha Barnes Sally Prag I want to share with you:

screenshot by Kristina God; Kristina God’s Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp

Here are their stories about the Camp on Medium:

I’ll soon add more brilliant testimonials.

Check out my Boot Camp site and get the last spot in my course.

I’ll close the doors tomorrow and then will start to create the course, get to know my Boot Campers better, do interviews with writers, create templates, cheat sheets, and so on:

I hope I’ll see you inside the course!

PS: You can chat with me on Podia (the site where I host my Boot Camp) or send me an email to

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