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Blah! Most Medium Writers Have No Real Value To Offer — So What?

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Make blah, blah, blah…to aha, aha, aha!

The blogosphere is cruel.

The competition is skilled and the terrain isn’t easy either.

If you want to stand out, you need to grab your readers’ attention and hold it.

You need to give your readers something that is useful for them.

How is it on Medium?

Most of us Medium writers have no real “value” to offer.

I include myself because that’s how I started. People just want to write “shit” and hope to make money from Medium.

It’s an extremely flawed business concept that needs to evolve. Muchina T.K

This comment was inspired by my latest piece.

To sum it up I share:

  • You don’t own your audience on Medium.
  • It’s just rented.
  • Meaning: When Medium’s algorithm changes, your reach changes too.

Muchina is right about creating value.

Value= makes the difference!

But how to create clear value for your readers?

There’s a simple test.

Ask yourself from the lens of your audience:

Who cares? & So What?

Who cares? & So What?

This will help you understand your audience’s perspective — which will help you deliver clear value.

So before you hit publish your story first has to pass the So-What-test.

YouTube superstar Ali Abdaal’s favorite author, Austin Kleon, puts it that way:

Austin KLeon should I share this
Credit: Austin Kleon

There’s nothing wrong with saving things for later. Austin Kleon

Instead of making your story a combination of Who cares? & So What?

…make it a piece of content you are proud of!

You can apply the So-What-test to every single sentence of your story and evaluate your content:

  • 🌟Is the point of this sentence clear?
  • 🌟Is this point understandable for my audience?
  • 🌟Is this a question my audience is asking?
  • 🌟YES! “Kill Your Darlings” — get rid of everything that’s not relevant

This way you can make..

blah, blah, blah to

aha, aha, aha!

This way every sentence keeps the goldfish reading.

Yes, we’re all goldfish when it comes to reading.

Our attention span is like ZERO.

If your writing doesn’t pass the So-What-test, you need to fix the points or restart your story from scratch.

🌟With this simple test in mind, you can make your words work!🌟

© Kristina God

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