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Blah! This Free AI Tool Can Rephrase Your Text and Unwaffle it

  • 2 min read

Deformalize or unwaffle your text to make it more to the point.

A lot of Medium writers struggle to make their long texts short and sweet.

They try to write short form content (150 words or less) but can’t write it more to the point.

The other day, a fellow creator showed me an awesome tool called Formalizer by Gobblin.Tools, which he uses to create shorter content.

With the Formalizer tool, you can deformalize or unwaffle your text.

I tried it.

  • If you let the AI deformalize your text you definitely make it more fun and spicy.
  • If you let it unwaffle your text it summarizes your text in short sentences and brings it more to the point.

Here’s an example:

photo credit

The Formalizer is a great style translator and can also help you to…

  • create bullet points based on your text
  • make your text more passionate…or less emotional
  • more sarcastic
  • more sociable

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