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Boost Envy — Why Are Others Boosted and Not You?

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Boost envy is a thing and you can cure it.

I love the publication New Writers Welcome by writing pal Robert Ralph.

A few days ago, I submitted a piece and got feedback from a “new” face — Robin Wilding 💎.

She told me she was a fan of my stories. I connected with her and soon I got one of her stories in my feed about Boost Envy.

As an editor for New Writers Welcome, Robin knows the ups and downs of writing on Medium and how new writers feel about Medium’s new Boost System.

What’s Boost Envy?

When you see others get Medium’s new Boost with a big B you’re getting envy.


You start wondering why this story and this writer got boosted and not you — although you’re trying so hard.

Then, you try to find the magic sauce to get Boosted yourself…but Robin knows:

“There doesn’t appear to be a magic sauce. Not even a mildly-potent marinara.”

One of her friends, Gareth Willey 😊 had an article that got Boosted and wrote an article about getting the Boost.

“It was the second in a series — and even he admits that the first one should have logically been boosted over the second”, Robin shared.

How to cure Boost Envy?

The plan Robin is using to cure herself of Boost Envy is a simple injection of reality.

“The boost won’t come for me, I’ll just keep plugging along, creating the content that I like writing about and reading the content of others that tickles my fancy that day. Just like before the boost.”

Wise words!

Keep writing!

When you suffer from Boost Envy, tell us in the comments how you feel & what you do about it.

Spoiler alert: In one of my next YouTube videos, I’ll interview an official Boost Curator and ask him burning questions from the community! Stay tuned! If you have any questions, leave a comment!

P.S. One more tip from me, check out this official Medium Boost Curator from the community who can nominate your stories for a Boost.

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