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Break The Silence And Get Featured By Medium’s Editors

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If you want to get featured write about the thing you’ve been resisting

Last week, a really great thing happened to one of my coachees on Medium.

Jeffrey Kassarticle about Martin Luther King was handpicked by Medium’s editors and featured in The Edition.

The Edition is Medium’s newsletter that goes out to 160 million Medium members:

How to get featured by Medium’s editors

Besides curation, you can also get featured by Medium’s editors.

My friend and former boot camper Nancy Blackman wrote an outstanding piece about the relationship between a daughter and her dad.

When looking back, Nancy regrets not having spent more time with her dad.

No education replaces the love I had for my dad.

This article was picked by Medium’s editor Amy Shearn and featured in an article.

You may wonder:

How did Nancy do this?

There’s one specific tag that helps you get seen

Nancy is a smart writer and tagged her post with #Writehere.

This specific tag helps you to get seen by Medium’s editors.

There’s a weekly prompt to get you writing and when you use this tag through a ‘happy accident’😉, your piece might be picked from the Tag Page.

👍 It’s absolutely doable to join the ranks and be picked by Medium’s editors.

Here’s the Tag Page for you to visit:

Become a Top Writer in #WriteHere

My friend Deborah Camp even is Top Writer in the category #writehere.

Apparently, she loves Medium’s writing prompts.

screenshot by Kristina God

I’m also part of the Top 10 list.

I’m #10.

Medium’s Writing Prompts

A lot of new writers tell me

Kristina, I don’t know what I should write about.

Moreover, they say

I hate to fail.

or worse…

I’m scared to put myself out there!

I’m afraid to share my voice. So many people share their opinion. Mine is lame. People will hate it.

This week, the latter is the best you can feel (yes, I mean it!).

Because Medium wants you to go deep and personal.

This is where Medium’s weekly writing prompts come in.

This week’s Medium writing prompts are all about working through resistance

Within the last past few weeks, I was writing a lot about self-sabotage.

Yesterday, I had a Zoom call with Alicia Domínguez.

We were talking about the creepy monster voice inside us which says

What if…

You’re not worth it…

The worst thing that can happen is that this monster voice is holding you back from the big dreams you have for yourself (and your family).

I told Alicia:

Stop it!

You deserve it! You deserve to be seen, heard, and be successful!

A better way to look at imposter syndrome

Still, I can totally relate to how Alicia feels.

In my view, a better way to look at imposter syndrome is:

Maybe you’re not an imposter. Maybe you’re just human. Maybe you’re just like everybody else!

We are human beings. We’re only flesh and blood.

So, here’s the deal, guys. Write about it!

– What Keeps You From Writing?

– What Do You Wish You Could Write?

– What Would You Do If You Were Your Bravest Self?

Shout out to my boot campers from Cohort 2 to write an article:

What’s a tag?

When you publish a post on Medium, you can add tags (=labels) to your post that describe what your post is about.

You can write whatever you think describes your post.

Medium uses these labels to inform their algorithms for showing content and organizing it.

How do I tag my article correctly with #Writehere?

Let me give you an example:

  • When you’ve written your first article, click on the three dots next to your notification button and choose ‘Change tags’.
screenshot by Kristina God
  • Then type ‘Writehere’, as I did below, and add further labels that describe your post.
screenshot by Kristina God

Pro tip: You can add 5 tags max to your post. Take advantage of all of them! #Writehere is just one of them.

Here are Nancy’s tags:

screenshot by Kristina God

Wrapping it up: I’m human

made in Canva by Kristina God

You’re not weak.

Resistance is universal. Everybody feels it.

Einstein experienced it too. It’s a law of nature.

You’re not weak.

You’re only flesh and blood and that is what makes you special.

My take, for instance on imposter syndrome, is:

I’m human. These thoughts are normal.

I’m not going to believe them.

But these are normal thoughts to have, and I’m moving on and put pen to paper.

Check the writing prompt out, reflect on what’s holding you back, and try the tag #Writehere to get featured!

© Kristina God

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