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Bringing Your Medium Followers To Substack To Foil The Algorithm

  • 1 min read

Medium is changing, and it’s tough to predict what might be next.

If you’ve been lucky enough to build a follower base on Medium, why not ask them to become subscribers here on Medium or on Substack?

Your domain/account here on Medium is on borrowed land.

It’s not YOURS.

The algorithm could change. Medium could be sold (as Twitter).

You only rent your little space here.

The most important asset is your email subscribers which you can grow with the help of

One way is to ask them to subscribe to get your Medium stories in their inbox.

The other way is to ask them to subscribe to your Substack newsletter.

You can direct your followers and readers to your Substack via your content.

Simply finish your story with a link to your Substack newsletter.

As I do here:

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