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Bulk Create Content With Canvas Magic AI — 100 Posts in Seconds

  • 1 min read

It’s a real-time saver for creators to create 100+ social posts in seconds

Canva recently introduced Magic Studio. I found how to bulk-create content for Instagram, X, or any other platform with short form content.

Here’s how:

  • Open docs in Canva
  • Click the plus button and “Magic write“ which promises to ”generate or rewrite text with a simple writing prompt”.

Ask Magic Write to:

Create 5 tweets that (inspire STAHMS to start their own writing business on the side)

  • Go on “generate” and see the magic.
  • Copy the 5 tips and search for a template, e.g. “tips Instagram paperclip note”
  • Select the text, change the font size, and put your social media handle on it.

Click bulk create and enter data manually.

To connect the data click the text to connect it.

Click on Connect data and select “tips”.

Then select all and let Canva Magic create pages based on your data!

Full tutorial to create 100+ social media posts in seconds:

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