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Burk And Tom Fenske Are On My Top 10 List Of Medium Writers in 2021

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Let’s read and boost them!

Superstar Tim Denning askey yesterday via Twitter:

Who has been the most helpful writer you’ve followed on in 2021?

My answer.

There is not one. There are many.

Tom Fenske, owner, and editor-in-chief of The Shortform, as well as Burk, co-editor, belong on my Top 10 list.

Why Tom?

Tom has a family, works full-time, and dared to open The Shortform after Medium announced to feature short form articles at the end of 2020.

He symbolizes:

be bold and take opportunities

Why Burk?

He has 5(!) kids. Works full-time and somehow manages to carve out time to write.

Burk symbolizes:

anything is possible — with a family and a full-time job

Who has been the most helpful writer for you in 2021?

Here’s my list.

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