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Busy Chick — This Writer Manages 5 Medium Publications That Are Open for Submissions

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She’s such a star and a Booster

She’s amazing.

Debra Groves Harman is not only a Boost Nominator from the community but also manages five publications on Medium.

When I mentioned her on my list of Boosters in my free eBook on Gumroad she told me that she’s not only responsible for The Narrrative Arc and The Wind Phone, but also for three more publications.

And all of her publications are open for new writers and submissions.

So here’s an overview:

  • The Narrative Arc — personal stories and memoirs
  • In For a Penny — “intelligent listicles”
  • The Wind Phone — grief
  • Walking Camino — Camino de Santiago
  • Seen on Screen — movies, TV, and actors

Deb is a busy lady but luckily she also has a great team of editors:

Darren Weir Ellen Eastwood Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles Kit Desjacques Mike Butler. Christine Schoenwald is also a Nominator

“We work hard! and we have fun.”

Want to join? Write Deb!

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