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Calling All Future Newsletter Superstars: “Substack School” Opens Its Doors

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It’s gonna be fun!

I’m absolutely thrilled to share some incredible news with you.

If you’ve been following my writing on Medium for a while, and watched my tutorials and interviews on YouTube, you know that I love newsletters — especially creating them with Substack.

That’s why I started my “Substack for Beginners” series.

If you say:

“Kristina, I feel ready to dive into the world of newsletters and discover how to turn my passion into something incredible. Build an audience of raving fans that want to read my work and pay for it!”


Then today is your lucky day because you’re about to learn all about Substack School.

Substack is where the magic happens

You might have heard about those big-name celebs making waves on Substack, but let me tell you something — you don’t need fame to make it big on Substack!

Success means different things for different people.

Starting and growing an email list feels so good. It’s the most valuable asset in your online writing business.

You “own” your audience. They share their email addresses with you. That’s a much bigger thing than just following you.

So instead of saying:

“Wow, look how many followers person X has! Impressive!”

The future you says:


“He has many followers but — wait a moment — first tell me how many subscribers he has!”

Substack is a game-changer

I started my Substack newsletter journey about 13 months ago with a lot of breaks because I was pregnant with our second baby, felt sick or had household chores to do^^

I’m definitely not the “perfect best practice” example…


…and this might be the reason why I’m perfect to teach you and explore with you the Substack ecosystem.

Along the way, I’ve been generously sharing my knowledge with others.

And now, I’ve gone above and beyond by creating Substack School — the ultimate resource for budding newsletter pros like you and me!

What’s inside Substack School?

Here are all the goodies:

  • Master the Basics: Get the inside scoop on Substack, how it works, and all the cool things you can do with it. These tutorial videos will go beyond my videos on YouTube. We’ll take an in-depth look and discuss the basics in our GROW community.
  • Pro Hacks: We’ll uncover the secret sauce that successful Substack writers use to boost their subscribers and create newsletters that truly shine. With exclusive interviews, webinars and live chats.
  • Cash in on Your Creativity: Find out how to turn your passion into profit, whether it’s setting your subscription prices or exploring other exciting ways to make some green, e.g. ebooks, online courses, coaching, or other services.
  • Keep Your Audience Hooked: Learn how to keep your readers eagerly waiting for your next newsletter, and make them your biggest fans!
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Dive into fun exercises, real-life examples, and inspiring stories to help you learn the ropes.
  • Gamification: We’ll have challenges with badges and prizes. We’re gonna have FUN creating.
  • Community of Rockstars :D: You won’t be going it alone — you’ll have a community of like-minded friends who are just as excited about newsletters as you are!

Join the Substack School!

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting your very own newsletter, Substack School is your golden ticket.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or already have a newsletter — Substack School has something to supercharge your journey!

Get ready because Substack School is opening its doors this February, and you won’t want to miss out.


Extra Bonus

Pssst! With the Substack School, you’ll also get access to the Medium School.

There will be one community of writers and creators for both schools to embrace all those wonderful networking effects 😀

Wanna join the fun?

Sure thing! I’m in the middle of figuring things out so please bear with me.

At the moment the Substack Schools comes with a subscription to my new premium newsletter on Substack. It’s $7 per month.

For the first time, I’ll introduce a membership for my courses and I’m super excited to help you not only for a few weeks but all along 2024!

Join Kristina’s premium newsletter today and get access to the Substack Schools and the Medium School opening in February.

Need more? Check out my fun tutorials on YouTube:

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