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Calling All Volunteers! One Of My Favourite Publications Needs Your Support

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Help the team!

Within a few months, this publication has become the go-to source for new writers.

💗Recently, even Zulie Rane mentioned this publication in one of her videos.

💗Plus, it has gained over 8K followers so far and is also on Facebook and on Twitter.

YES! I’m talking about New Writers Welcome.

At the helm of this publication is my dear friend Robert Ralph

When he opened his publication in September 2021 Robert stated:

‘I am convinced nine out of ten people can write a good article when they have direction and support!’

I’ve supported Robert and his team from day one.

I truly believe in the future success of this thriving publication.

Now it’s your turn!

💗To keep his publication alive, Robert is recruiting three new editors for his publication.

Yes, you don’t get any money for it BUT helping others feels good!

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