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Can I Cross-Post My Medium Stories?

  • 2 min read


Often I get asked whether your writing on Medium has to be original.

It sure helps a lot — especially if you want to get Boosted.

But you can also cross-post stories from your blog or Substack on Medium — and the other way around.

You can cross-post your heart out!

In fact, I know several writers such as Bryan Dijkhuizen (Submission Manager at Mind Cafe) who repurpose all of their stories.

Medium — Substack — Your Blog is an awesome triangle.

You don’t have to create new content for every channel.

Only a few people see your posts on Medium and so on Substack, more people will read them.

If you publish them on your own blog first, you can tell Google that this is your number one source of information and Google will rank your site higher.

If you google Tim Denning, his blog comes #1 on Google.

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