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Can I Monetize and Build My Brand At The Same Time?

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I got asked this question recently when someone commented on a piece about “Personal Branding”.

As a Brand Manager myself, I love to help brands make an impact and thrive.

The more lives you’re changing, the more you’re able to build your brand.

Here’s the newsflash:

This doesn’t mean you have to reach millions of people.

If you reach this ONE person that can learn from you and implement the things you taught him, that’s totally fine.

So you shouldn’t wait until XY to monetize your brand.

You don’t have to have all things in order to monetize your brand. I’ve started monetizing my “KG brand” after 11 months on Medium.

It’s about monetizing and building your brand at the same time.

Don’t let resistance hold you back.

Don’t prepare. Begin!

Here’s my inspiring story for you:


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