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Can I Write Anonymously on Substack (and Still Build an A$$-kicking Newsletter)?

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Yes, you can grow an anonymous email list.

Often people use a pen name when writing on the internet.

Others want to stay 100% anonymous.

Did you know that you can also be successful on Substack with an anonymous Substack newsletter?

An anonymously-written media company focused on bankruptcy is among one of Substack’s first paid newsletters.

It’s called Petition.

That’s what they shared:

And to complicate matters further, we’re anonymous. That’s right: we specifically elected not to leverage networks, a potential “built-in audience” or any footprint on other platforms. We just wrote. And over time, our snarky “a$$-kicking” newsletters began to find an audience.


Pardon the lack of hard numbers but, frankly, it’s irrelevant to our point: suffice it to say we have built our list to (many) thousands of readers. Despite being anonymous. Despite having no sales function. Despite not ever spending a single dollar on customer acquisition.

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