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Can Non-Native Speakers Host A Podcast?

  • 2 min read

It’s a personal question.

I’m a major podcast-listening fan.

Every single week, I listen to a wide array of marketing, parenting, and fempreneur shows.

And to be honest:

I’d love to start my own podcast.

But here’s what’s holding me back.

I’m a non-native speaker.

My native language is German.

I feel like I can in NOOOO way start a podcast.

How can I have a space in the English podcasting world?

I also used to hesitate when I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings in writing.

Luckily, back in 2020, my hubby encouraged me to give Medium a try.

Look at me now.

A non-native speaker who became one of Medium’s Top 1,000 writers.

Every day I improve my (written) English by writing on Medium and chatting with others around the globe.

But do you think I have what it takes to start a podcast?

I’d love to serve all the audio learners in my audience with weekly pocket coaching directly into their earbuds.

I‘d like to invite them into my life while they’re washing the dishes or commuting to work or putting their kids to bed.

🤔I wonder who would be interested?🤔

© Kristina God

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