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Can You Just Plan Your Orgasms?

  • 2 min read

And make a sex appointment.

Recently a more experienced mother revealed:

‘We make an appointment. There are specific days each month when we schedule sex. My husband needs sex X times per week. He doesn’t want me to cut that simply because of my mother’s duties.

Hooking up just makes him happy and helps him. His happiness lies in my vagina.

Therefore, sometimes it’s just an appointment she has to attend. Sex is part of her ‘wifely duty’. The act of love has become an obligation.

I know that our sex lives as parents are different.

With children in the house, the path to ecstasy is complicated, full of obstacles… It’s not easy to let yourself off the hook. Change from parent to lover mode.

But is this the right thing to do… Just to do it — no matter what? Here’s the true story:

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