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Canva Can Now Generate Images From Text — But Is It Better Than DALL-E 3 or Adobe Firefly?

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My favorite design platform Canva has just launched an incredible new feature: you can now generate images simply by typing a text description.

The popular graphic design platform is fully embracing AI with its Magic Studio.

With image generation now added, this is a huge upgrade for writers and creators.

Rather than searching endlessly for the perfect stock photo, you can create a custom one in minutes.

Such as Kristi Keller who was looking for a “Woman sitting on a beach looking at her laptop in total shock”:

photo credit: screenshot Notes on Substack

That’s a significant update because now you can generate the image you’re looking for in Canva’s Magic Studio.

Want to learn more? Sure thing! I tested all 10+ AI image tools and created a video tutorial.

How Canva’s Text-To-Image Generator Works

This new feature is part of the Magic Studio that Canva launched recently, which is a collection of AI-powered tools to improve your productivity and save yourself time — especially cut time of labor-intensive work, such as looking for the perfect image.

photo credit: Magic Studio

It’s powered by Canva’s own AI.

To start, open Canva and go to the brand-new Magic Media section.

You can find it on the left sidebar.

photo credit: access Magic Studio

Enter Magic Studio and click the text to image feature…

photo credit: access Text to Image in Magic Studio

Now start typing your prompt.

photo credit: access Prompt in Magic Media

Here’s an example

Prompt: “Woman wearing a gold shirt, rainbow hair, sitting in front of PC and writing, looking off into the distance”

Hint: This is still an experimental technology, so people or animals often may not look right.

photo credit: access Text to Image in Magic Studio

It takes around 30 seconds to 1 minute to generate an image in Canva.

With Canva’s new Magic Grab you can grab the main subject, the woman with rainbow hair, and move her around.

With Magic Expand you can expand the image easily.

photo credit: access Magic Expand in Magic Studio

With Magic Eraser, you can erase parts of the image you don’t want to see anymore, for instance, the table by simply brushing over it:

photo credit: access Magic Eraser in Magic Studio

How easy and cool is that?

In addition, you can change the style of the image, for instance making it filmic or watercolor. You can also change the size of the image and then download it.

Say goodbye to labor-intensive tasks and welcome to more time designing in Canva.

More examples:

Prompt: multicolor sparkly glitter bursting from the tip of an pencil as it touches the paper, bright, realism

photo credit: access Canva text-to-image, Magic Studio

Prompt: a flamingo running through the neighborhood while listening to music

photo credit: access Canva text-to-image, Magic Studio

Prompt: refreshing glass of lemonade, pop art

photo credit: access Canva text-to-image, Magic Studio

What do you think of these images? I think they look super cool.

Is Canva Magic Studio’s new text-to-image feature free to use?

  • You get 50 lifetime text-to-image uses. Each image generation is equivalent to one credit.
  • If you want to get full access and 500 credits per month, you have to be a Canva Pro member.
photo credit: Canva pricing

Is Canva’s text-to-image generator better than DALL-E 3 or Adobe Firefly?

With the introduction of Canva’s text-to-image feature, small businesses, writers, and creators are no longer limited by tight resources and budgets.

Canva is making high-quality video production accessible to everyone and fueling creativity, productivity, and addressing time constraints.

But is it better than DALL-E 3 or Adobe Firefly?

Within the last past weeks, I’ve experimented a lot with these AI image generators and am also participating in the #100daysofAI challenge where I share one AI image per day.

In my opinion, Canva’s AI is not as good as DALL-E 3 or Firefly.

Especially when it comes to animals or people it’s lacking crispness, accuracy (I only say legs and arms…), and the hyper-realistic look of DALL-E 3 and Firefly.

Final thoughts

However, Canva’s AI is evolving and will get better and better based on the feedback it gets.

In fact, 150 million people are using Canva already.

That’s an advantage over the other AI image generators who are now establishing themselves.

In general, right now I think the best text-to-image generator is Firefly!

One last tip, if you don’t want to create images with Canva’s AI but also don’t want to have another tab open, you can also access the DALL-E app in Magic Studio. But you have to keep in mind that it’s not the latest version. It’s DALL-E 2. I bet it will soon be upgraded.

Kristina God tested all 10+ new AI tools in Canva:

Got to 02:25 Text-to-Image Generator.

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