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Caviar For Everyone! It’s The Summer Of Cowboy Caviar

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No money for caviar? Me neither. This food trend can help.

To start with, let’s recall the lyrics of Fergie’s song Glamourous:

The glamorous
The glamorous, glamorous (the glamorous life)
For the glamorous, oh the flossy flossy

I’m talking Champagne wishes, caviar dreams
You deserve nothing but all the finer things…

If you’re looking for finer things this summer, there’s a new food trend that has quickly taken over the internet.

Especially on TikTok short videos about the so-called Cowboy Caviar are booming.

It’s a colorful, crunchy, no-frills dish with “caviar”

But it’s not the caviar from Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, it’s the black-eyed peas’ resemblance to caviar. haha.🤣

Plus, it’s naturally gluten-free and packed with protein.

I’m sure you’ll like it.

It’s really delicious and perfect for busy writing moms and dads.

Find a video and recipe in my long form story about this viral trend:

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