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ChatGPT Is A Very Powerful Partner For Content Creators — Not An Enemy

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Content creation is undergoing a lot of changes. Here’s the answer to the question of whether it’s a worrying time or an evolution.

Technology is undergoing a lot of changes.

Since November 2022, we have watched the rapid rise of ChatGPT.

According to Statista, within only 5 days OpenAI’s chatbot sprinted to one million users.

photo credit: Statista newsletter

In comparison, it took the hyped platform Instagram 2.5 months to reach one million users. Netflix even took 3.5 years.

The creator economy also has been somewhat disrupted by ChatGPT.

Its rapid rise led to a lot of perceived concerns and benefits among content marketers and creators.

You may also find yourself wondering:

“Is this new tech era a worrying time or an evolution?”

How do content marketers feel about ChatGPT?

On a daily basis, content marketers create engaging content.

The same goes for creators of all kinds.

In the top tier media as well as in marketing outlets, on Medium and YouTube, I saw headlines fueling the fears of content marketers and creators.

The discussions either focus on the negative impact AI could have:

“Are the robots coming to take our jobs?”

or the positive impact:

“Can AI make content creation faster, more scalable, more creative?”

Let’s discuss the concerns as well as potential benefits content marketers and creators are thinking about.

Perceived threats of AI

Most content creators and marketers are concerned about the future of their work and industry.

  • Maybe the robot is a better writer than me and I’ll lose my job.
  • Content creation could become automated.
  • Robotic content could destroy marketing.
  • Robots can never replace humans.
  • Robots are an existential threat.

I totally get it.

New technology has always been scary.

Nevertheless, let’s talk about the potential benefits now.

Potential benefits of AI

Especially solopreneurs and small companies see incredible opportunities.

  • Content creation can become faster, more flexible, scalable, and more creative
  • AI can help content creators to create content and change the way how they do it.
  • Small content teams will be able to do much more than before.
  • Solopreneurs with no content creation skills or employees could finally create creative content thanks to AI.
  • If you have “marketer’s block”, you can give ChatGPT a push.
  • It will make us better at our job.

Sounds like ChatGPT could revolutionize content marketing, don’t you think?

As a product manager myself, I know how overwhelming the day-to-day business can become.

As a product manager in the corporate world and a part-time online entrepreneur, I also can relate to feeling stretched thin and not having enough time to do what should be done in terms of content creation.

ChatGPT could definitely be a helpful tool and “partner” in the content creation process.

The Content Marketing Institute helps me to keep up with the latest trends

Given the fears and potential benefits of AI for the future of content creation, I am constantly educating myself on the latest developments to stay current.

To be honest, ChatGPT and AI in general are getting better and better every day.

So it’s not always easy to keep up with the latest developments.

I think one credible source of information is the famous “Content Marketing Institute” (CMI).

I attended a webinar called “ChatGPT vs. Content Marketing”

CMI educates marketing professionals and content creators on the latest trends to help keep them on the leading edge of content.

So I attended a very interesting webinar called “ChatGPT vs. Content Marketing”.

It was hosted by Stephanie Stahl, General Manager at CMI. Her guest speaker was Mark Bornstein, Vice President of Content Marketing at ON24.

They talked about the good, the bad, and the ugly in regard to AI and its impact on content creation.

To save you 60 minutes of your precious time, I want to share a really helpful case study from the webinar.

It can help guide your journey with AI into the future.

What is ChatGPT?

Before I’ll show you the case study from the CMI, I’d like to briefly come back to what ChatGPT exactly is.

So I asked ChatGPT:

ChatGPT response

By the way, the “GPT” in ChatGPT stands for “generative pre-trained transformer”.

But this makes it way too complicated. So let’s just call it a robot.

What I find most fascinating is the fact that it uses deep learning systems to generate human-like responses.

How can content creators use ChatGPT?

The CMI has turned to AI to create all the aspects that normally come up in the lifecycle of a normal webinar.

Let me give you an overview of what to expect to see in practice:

  • Promotional Content
  • Promotional Emails
  • Subject Lines
  • Social Promotions
  • Webinar Content

Let’s explore what ChatGPT can do, where it helps us, and where it needs to improve.

Let’s put it to the test!

I will share the prompt (=input) and the results (=outcome).

Promotional Content

Given the headline of the webinar, ChatGPT was asked to create an abstract for the webinar.

The prompt:


It took ChatGPT 3 seconds to spit this out:

The results:


I was really impressed with this version ChatGPT cooked up.

You don’t really have to give ChatGPT that much information.

The bullets are pretty good. The text is clean and ChatGPT produced it so fast.

“Game-changing” is a typical marketing slang term. You could tell ChatGPT to tone it down and improve.

Promotional emails

Based on the abstract, ChatGPT was asked to write some emails:

The prompt:


The results:


The results were good but as a content creator, you’d like to see more bullets and white space.

So ChatGPT was asked to add four bullets to each email and give another option by writing another version.

Here’s one awesome example:


The bullet points are really good, and we definitely got a lot of ideas from them.

Of course, you could say it uses too many “hows” and a lot of marketing speak, but as shown in the first prompt, you can teach ChatGPT to take specific words and expressions out.

In my opinion, this case study shows that ChatGPT can help content creators brainstorm.

But there’s something missing, isn’t it?

To make it a really good email, we need a call to action (CTA).


And just like that ChatGPT closed the email with:


Subject lines

For subject lines, you often need an experienced copywriter.

You may wonder if subject lines created by ChatGPT sound human.

The prompt:


The results:


You could say they are a bit long. They would need to be a bit shorter.

But they definitely sound human!

I really like the output and would also have thought about similar subject lines.

ChatGPT even came up with subject lines within seconds. I would have needed 20 minutes.

If I had given a Junior Product Manager 30 minutes to come up with subject lines, I imagine he would have come up with similar ones, but not as crisp as ChatGPT’s.

Social Promotions

If you host a webinar and you want to promote it, you need social promotions for Twitter.

The prompt:


The results:


This is super fascinating.

ChatGPT even created its own hashtags.

If you have a specific hashtag that should be used in promotional posts then it’s smart to put that hashtag in the prompt.

Webinar Content

A presentation outline is crucial for any webinar.

So ChatGPT was asked for one based on the abstract already created.

The prompt:


The results:


I think ChatGPT definitely can help you to brainstorm on presentations.

It can show you whether you missed anything in your own agenda.

Interactive Content

For a webinar, it’s important to interact with your audience.

So ChatGPT was asked to create a poll with 3–4 responses.

The prompt:


The result:


This example shows that content creators can even think about letting ChatGPT generate a poll.

In my opinion, the results are great.

All three suggestions are valuable.

Recommendations for getting the best results from ChatGPT for content creation

Here are the learnings from the content creation examples shown above:

1 — Be specific

ChatGPT needs your guidance. You need to be a good prompter to get the results you want.

The more precise and specific your inquiries are, the more accurate the generated text.

2 — Provide context

ChatGPT can’t create gold from garbage.

You have to tell the AI exactly what your content creation inquiry is all about.

It needs as much context information as possible to be trained well.

3 — Train it

If there are specific words, hashtags, expressions, or tones you want ChatGPT to use, you need to train it.

If you want ChatGPT to avoid specific marketing words such as “game-changing”, train it.

4 — Edit thoroughly

Everyone needs an editor, even editors need an editor.

Editing will become a big part of the lives of content creators.

Content creators need to become fact-checkers because ChatGPT can only be as good as the data provided.

Content creators need to learn new skillsets

AI can be our partner in the content creation process but requires human guidance.

Let me remind you of the obvious fact that ChatGPT is a robot.

It, therefore, does whatever you tell it to.

The better our prompts and inputs are. The better the output.

We need to adapt and learn new skill sets, for instance finding ways to get the voice of our small business or brand coming out through ChatGPT.

Moreover, we need to become better “prompters” and editors.

AI can make the production of creative content faster and stronger for us.

It’s nothing but an amazing opportunity.

It’s just a matter of how we use it.

The future of content creation lies in your hands

We are in the infancy stages of what this tech is about to become.

I have no doubt ChatGPT is gonna be a very powerful partner for us.

It can help us do our job in a better and easy way.

It can give us a headstart.

New technology has always been scary.

We simply need to embrace it as a partner. ChatGPT is not our enemy.

So to come back to my initial question:

“This new tech era is an evolution for content creators!”

However, it’s important to make sure that we use it smartly, carefully, and ethically.

I can’t wait to get your thoughts on ChatGPT and content creation!

Watch the YouTube video here.

Kristina God is a Top Writer on Medium. Besides being a full-stack marketer and manager, she is the co-founder of SCM and owns a 5-figure online business together with her business partner.

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