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ChatGPT Will See Fewer Copy and Paste Actions Soon

  • 2 min read

Because you’ll be able to compose AI-powered emails using Bard via Gmail

Google plans to integrate Bard, its large language model, into popular productivity tools like Gmail, Docs, and Sheets.

This integration will enable us to export Bard’s output directly into these applications — eliminating manual copy-and-paste actions.

Additionally, Google aims to enable Gmail to compose emails using Bard within the message composer window.

“ChatGPT probably records more copy and paste actions than any other website in the world; Google is abstracting that whole process away into a button.”

I know a lot of creators are jumping out of their skins excited.

For many ChatGPT is already a great writing assistant.

When we want to create an email in the future, we’ll be the ones who are *thinking* and the AI-powered Bard is *doing*.

So even writing emails will change dramatically and we will be able to delegate this task to AI, instead of writing it on our own.

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