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Check Your Emails For An Additional Bonus For Listen Time

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and if you haven’t received an email, I also have good news for you for March 2022.

Yesterday, I received this lovely email by Warren Shaeffer, Vice President of Medium:

Warren is the former co-founder of Knowable.

Knowable is an audio learning platform Medium acquired in Q4 2021.

The goal is to grow Medium 2022 beyond words.

  • The first step is an experimental audio initiative that was rolled out in January 2022.

Unfortunately, only a fraction of Medium members had the ability to listen to stories on Medium.

I was one of them.

🤑So I received a bonus payment of a whopping $2,22.

Here’s my member list bonus for February 2022:

As my friend Dominic DiFrancesco stated:

It’s certainly nothing to retire on.

But I tell you, those pennies will add up in the near future.

As Warren stated:

(…) our plan is to collect feedback and consider making it available to ALL readers in the future.

If I can make $2 with only a fraction of Medium readers, what happens when all readers will have the opportunity to listen to my pieces?

Maybe I can make $20. That would be a nice bonus.

Here’s what you need to know for the next bonus round🤑

The next bonus round is on the horizon and Warren will roll out the initiative to more and more writers.

Good news:

Now, you are informed about Medium’s new audio feature which allows you to listen to stories!

High five!🖐

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll see the play button at the top of your stories.

The moment you’ll see this button…

you’re eligible to earn some extra cash.🤑

High five!🖐

How will Medium’s new audio feature affect your earnings?

  • Medium will factor listen time into the payout calculations for March 2022 and onwards.
  • Your stories have to be behind Medium’s paywall — meaning you have more than 100 followers and already successfully joined the Medium Partner Program.
  • As an eligible writer, you’ll see a positive adjustment in your earnings — before you’ll receive the notification email from Stripe for March 2022. Plus, you’ll receive an email from Warren.

Good to know but still weird

Don’t be sad if you see already the play button but haven’t received a bonus yet.

Apparently, big players, such as…

… didn’t receive a single penny either.

Although they write wonderful travel and relationship stories I’d love to listen to.

Final Takeaways

You could be one of the lucky ones to enjoy an additional $ bonus in March 2022.

Fingers crossed!

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