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Cheers and Happy Birthday, Ev Williams!

  • 2 min read

Let’s celebrate together with an Evan Williams whiskey.

Today is a special day.

It’s the birthday of Medium’s CEO, Ev Williams. 🥳🥂

Also, an interview will appear with him today in Medium’s famous publication called Entrepreneur’s Handbook by Amardeep Parmar.

What you Need to Know about the Founder of Medium

According to his new About Page,…

  • Ev has ‘been creating web pages that help people create web pages for the last 20+ years.’
  • He‘s a Nebraska native.
  • He attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and got his Ph.d. in journalism.
  • Additionally, he’s the co-founder of Twitter and Blogger.

Attention! Here’s a Crazy Fun Fact

Did you know there’s an American brand of bourbon whiskey called Evan Williams?

Here’s the proof:

Cheers Ev!

To Health and Happiness!🥳🥂



👇Learn more about today’s interview, where Ev will hopefully answer some burning questions from the community:👇

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