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Content-Creation on Autopilot — Here’s Why Canva Will Change Designing Forever

  • 3 min read

Bulk create content, create eBooks, videos, and presentations within seconds.

Ever dreamed of creating content on autopilot?

I definitely dreamed of it. Not because I’m lazy but because my time as a part-time creator is limited.

Good news!

Canva just got its biggest magical update ever for creators who want to build and grow an online business.

The design tool Canva has been around for only 10 years but has changed a lot.

On October 4th, Canva introduced its Magic Studio.

This is a set of smart tools powered by AI that make it easier and faster for you to create designs, videos, images, and presentations.

It will definitely change designing forever because it now automates boring and time-consuming tasks.

Let me show you how and why:

Magic Studio brings together all of Canva’s smart tools into one spot.

If you already use Canva for your creative projects like I do, you need to know this is a big moment for Canva, especially as the company celebrates its 10th anniversary.

I went on a mystical journey for YOU exploring the brand-new features in Canva’s Magic Studio!

That’s why I put my Halloween costume on 🧙‍♂️…

This week’s YouTube tutorial is about Canva’s Magic Studio for Writers:

In the last part of my “A Little Help from AI” series (I already covered Adobe Firefly and DALL-E 3 in my newsletter), I share a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the 10+ new AI tools in Canva.

In this tutorial, we cover:

00:00 Intro and How to Access Canva Magic Studio

00:45 Bulk Create Content

02:25 Text-to-Image Generator

03:28 Magic Expand

03:58 Magic Grab

05:06 Magic Morph

06:17 Text-to-Video Generator

07:02 Magic Video Creation

09:26 Presentation Generator

10:18 Magic Animate

10:53 Magic Translate

12:11 Magic Switch

13:51 Brand Kit

15:10 Magic Text Grab

16:12 AI Apps

17:10 The Future of AI and comparison to other tools

Is Canva’s Magic Studio free to use?

Some parts of Magic Studio are free to try.

But you’ll need a Canva Pro or Canva Teams account to use all the features and fully customize your work.

Without these accounts, you might run into daily credit limits for some tools.

Features like Magic Eraser, Magic Switch, Magic Morph, Magic Grab, Magic Expand, and Magic Animate are only for those with Pro or Teams accounts.

Tell me what you think of these enchanting updates.

Do they make you feel like you’ve got a seat at Hogwarts’ graphic design class or what?

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