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Content Creators Also Have Costs Running Their Business

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Gumroad with its new fee of 10% is one example.

Besides earning money, content creators also have overheads.

Even if it’s on a low level, this is what you need to keep in mind if you’re reading earning reports.

They earn money, but also invest their money (hopefully) wisely.

They invest in a variety of startups to be a member, create memberships and community experiences, sell products or services, or offer free newsletters.

Gumroad is a popular startup creators invest in.

Gumroad is a self-publishing digital marketplace.

You can sell any digital product you want — ebook, course, template, or blueprint.

Gumroad now takes 10%

The good news is that Gumroad charges no monthly fee.

The bad news is it increased its fee to 10% of every sale.

2023, price hikes on creator tools are a thing.

MailChimp, Teachable, ConvertKit, Skillshare, other platforms are raising fees.

If I make a sale of my free ebook, Gumroads 10%.

Fair or not?

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