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ConvertKit Built a Growth Machine That Mimics Substack’s Recommendations

  • 2 min read

Want to grow your newsletter? With ConvertKit’s new Creator Network, it’s easy.

In April 2022, I discovered a trend known as newsletter recommendations.

The platform that kicked it off was Substack.

This concept involves writers promoting each other’s newsletters to organically grow their email lists.

Substack found the most opportune moment to encourage someone to subscribe to a newsletter is while they are subscribing to another one.

125 other newsletters are recommending mine and I gained about 920 new subscribers from this.

Thus Substack built a recommendation infrastrucuter, a growth machine or growth engine.

ConvertKit recently introduced its Creator Network which mimics Substack’s.

It’s impressive, though.

They come equipped with a discovery section, allowing you to find and recommend other writers who share similar topics.

If they reciprocate, it benefits both parties.

I recommended it to online entrepreneur and YouTuber Patrick God and he gained 2,000 subs within two months.

Want to learn more about ConvertKit’s new growth machine?

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