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Coworking Space or Makeshift Office When Writing From Home?

  • 1 min read

It depends on the type of person you are

The other day, I talked with a mompreneur friend of mine.

She told me that she loves to create content when her family is around.

Apparently, she can concentrate better when other people are around.

I’m not that type of person. This doesn’t work for me. I need a distraction-free, quiet space in the house to write my stories.

I used to be stationed at the end of the kitchen table, eating leftovers from my son when writing.

One day I realized:

“This is not what I envisioned!”

So I looked around the house and found a quiet spot with a door (!) that gives me as a working mom much privacy as possible.

Do you sit in a coworking space, in your makeshift office, or on the couch while writing?

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