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Crazy! This Creator Commented 1,000 Times on Twitter in 48 Hours — Here’s What He Learned

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Jordan Parker made an experiment and distilled the 7 most important lessons that will boost your Twitter growth.

Jordan Parker wanted to grow his Twitter following to over 1,000.

So he did an experiment.

He tried writing the most and the highest quality comments he could in 48 hours.

Twitter: Jordan Parker

You can also steal his learnings to make your comments take off on Twitter and learn about how to boost your success in general.

Here are Jordan’s 9 Most Important Lessons Learned

One weekend can change everything.

Jordan experienced this. He spent one weekend (7.5 hours per day) commenting on Twitter.

#1 Quantity alone won’t get you anywhere

He wrote 500 comments per day.

However, this high volume of comments couldn’t beat his daily updates where he talked about his experiment and shared his stats with the community.

#2 Quality alone doesn’t matter

He did 50+ breakdowns of successful tweets from other people.

Jordan even added more context to it… but not all threads went well.

Some only generated two impressions.

#3 Reply immediately

Timing really matters.

It’s crucial to comment immediately when someone you follow and like tweets something that interests you and you’d like to add your opinion to it.

#4 Writing for creators is 10x more effective

If you comment on a tweet with the creator’s audience in mind it won’t work as well as when you focus on the creator!

You should leave genuine comments for the creator.

Not his audience.

#5 People won’t care unless you care

By replying to tweets from his followers, he made them engage with his tweets again.

Inactive followers suddenly became active after Jordan took the first step and re-engaged with them.

Show your followers some Twitter love.

#6 Gather ideas while you comment

When you consume a tweet and then comment, it’s more likely that you can remember the content of that tweet.

Take a step back, wait a moment and then share what's on your mind.

#7 Number of tweets per day x 10

If you wonder what the perfect tweet and comment ratio is, Jack has the answer.

He recommends multiplying the number of tweets per day by 10.

2 tweets per day = 20 comments

3 tweets per day = 30 comments

My opinion

In my opinion, this is a bit much when you’re a part-time creator.

However, it’s definitely worth engaging with the content of others and besides tweeting also engaging with 1–5 other users per day.

If you really add value, show your appreciation or support others by commenting, that’s super.

You don’t have to post 1,000 comments on a weekend to grow your following from zero to 1,000, but you could.

Commenting definitely helps you to grow on Twitter.

Engagement is key.

Let’s connect on Twitter!

P.S. This article was inspired by Jamie Northrup – Minimalist Hustler’s newsletter who broke the news.

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