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Create Your Own Audio Lessons With Knowable

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teach and inspire

In 2021, Medium acquired three companies.

One of them is the audio platform Knowable with 40K members.

(They) partner with selected creators to translate their knowledge into audio lessons that teach and inspire.

That’s why Medium also picks audio content from this platform and shares it in their newsletter.

In today’s newsletter which goes out to 160 million members, Medium featured Dickie Bush (friend and business partner of Top Writer Nicolas Cole) Captain of writing cohort Ship 30 for 30.

audio lessons on knowable
screenshot by Kristina God

This is the first time I saw audio content from Knowable featured in the newsletter.

I assume that in the near future Medium will regularly handpick audio content (from Knowable) and share it with their members.

If you are an expert in your field and want to create your own audio lessons you can now apply here.

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