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Create Your Own Style in 2023 and Forget Things You Picked Up from Other People

  • 2 min read

The results will blow you away.

My unfair advantage in regard to marketing is that I once picked the agency of my dreams to soak up everything I could about their *style*.

When I was 24 years old, I started my career in the international CommsMarketing agency Edelman.

I was strategic about this agency.

One — it was an international agency opening the doors to international clients, brands, and celebrities to work with.

Two — it belonged to the Top Marketing agencies in the world. I thought to myself: “I can learn from true professionals and soak up their styles.”

I wanted to become a marketing consultant!

Once I soaked up Edelman’s style, I started to forget things that I picked up from other people!

I started creating my *own style* and breaking the styles of others.

That’s where I kind of graduated in real life!

My tip: Create your own style and share your voice in 2023!

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