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Creatives, It’s Smart to Experiment in The Entrepreneurship Game in 2023

  • 2 min read

Usually, creatives are not entrepreneurs. Do it differently.

I learned in 2022 that creatives aren’t entrepreneurs.

Since I’ve experimented in the entrepreneurship game for over a year now, and I want to share my knowledge with you this year.

Being a Top Writer on Medium is one pillar of my success as an entrepreneur.

I‘m the co-founder of SCM, which I own with my husband Patrick God.

Online courses, coaching, mentoring, and exclusive cohorts are also part of our business model.

We’re both part-time creatives. We chose to become entrepreneurs and master the skill.

We wanted to be proficient in the entrepreneurial game.

This year, I want to prove that you can do things that other people say you can’t do!

Within the upcoming weeks, I’ll share more background information and tips and tricks on how to experiment in the entrepreneurship game and really earn money by creating content online.

Stay tuned for more:

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