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Creators, This AI-Powered To-Do List Automatically Breaks Down Your Tasks

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It helps you focus and get things done

On Reddit, I found this awesome new tool and am using it now.

It helps me to stay focused.

I used to use the project management tool Trello but I found MagicToDo by Goblin.Tools to be more powerful.

It’s AI-driven.

The moment you type in a to-do you want to get done it will generate the subtasks.

As to do, I have a coaching call with Mike and plan my next YouTube video.

When I click on the wand the magic happens. MagicToDo helps me to break my tasks down into smaller tasks.

photo credit: screenshot Magic ToDo

I love it.

It’s a great reminder to go through this checklist.

I can decide how much breaking down I need by clicking on the peppers on the right.

photo credit: screenshot Magic ToDo

Here’s what the MagicToDo founder says about the spiciness meter:

“The spiciness meter is a bit vague, but it informs the model in the backend how granular you want to be. Do you just need a few big steps as a guideline? Stick to the left. Do you want it broken down as much as the model can manage? Get those 5 peppers.”

The more you break it down, the more tasks the AI will add.

In addition, you can add your own subtasks.

Bottom Line

I know that a lot of content creators struggle with planning their content and steps.

If you can’t figure out the steps to tasks in order to get them done, this tool it’s worth trying this cool free tool.

Here’s the link.

Get my free 1-Month-Content-Planner.

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