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Current Medium Issue: Zero Followers, Followers Lost Or Missing

  • 2 min read

No need to panic!

My email inbox is about to explode.


Because Medium has a technical issue with the following and follower count.

That’s why I share this important information publicly on Medium and not just by email.

I know that a lot of writers are experiencing issues right now.

  • Zero followers
  • Hundreds or thousands followers lost
  • The follower count is not accurate

So, if you say:

YES, Kristina! That’s me! Something is OFF with my follower count.

…you’re in good company and you don’t need to panic.

Apparently, it’s just ANOTHER display bug.

I know this bugs you.

This bugs all of us.

Bear with Medium’s technical support I’m sure they’ll fix it within the next 24 hours.

Here’s the official statement:

Following/Follower counts: We’re currently experiencing issues with following/follower counts on Medium surfaces, including your profile and about pages. No followers or followed accounts are being lost, and this is only affecting the displayed count. Please bear with us.

I love to keep you up to date,


PS: Give me a follow when you find this information valuable and want to stay in touch.

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