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Dear Haters, Mind Your Own Business

  • 1 min read

This is ridiculous and disgusting

Many of us take too keen an interest in the lives of others instead of taking care of our own business.

It’s ridiculous and superficial.

My friend Anne Bonfert says:

I do not like the whole thing about commenting and hating out on the social media.

Most people can’t bring a single compliment over their lips but will never hesitate to judge someone. It’s straightforward disgusting.

And Deborah Camp commented:

I can’t understand why so many people are invested in the lives of (others) when they could use that emotional energy to promote their own careers and better their own lives!

Yes, dear hater, mind your own business.

I’m sure people who criticize others on social media are scared and don’t have the guts to show their work and their face.

Social media has the potential to empower people, not demean them!

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