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Dear Medium Moms, Thank You!

  • 2 min read

You’re doing a magnificent job and your work is priceless.

Today I want to say Thank You to all Medium Moms. I hope you received a wonderful bouquet of flowers or another Mother’s Day gift.

I hereby send you a virtual bouquet💐 in order to show you my female solidarity. You’re doing a magnificent job.

I’ve written an article about the ‘Marshall Plan for Moms’ and the ‘Moms Deserve More’ flower store with funny prices, for instance ‘The Pay Gap Bouquet for only $15,000’

But the point is very serious. Please check it out!

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms — both here on earth and up in heaven 🙏🏼 Patricia Rosa Frank Larkin Juliano Righetto Floyd Mori Sean McBride

I highly recommend these heart-tugging articles by Sean with a warm welcome on Medium👋🏼

…and by lovely Patricia, who’s celebrating her Anniversary on Medium. Congrats!🤩 🥳💐

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