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Dear New Writers, 6 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Write Short Form Posts

  • 5 min read

Spoiler: they help you gain traction, 100 followers, and even to go viral

Don’t let anyone tell you longer is always better. There are so many posts on this platform full of fluff.

It could have been a short piece with 150 words or less, but it’s 1,500 words or even more.

My recommendation:

Keep your posts short and sweet instead of long and boring!

Size matters so much less than quality. Good writing is about making your idea crisp.

A short form post can just be as good as a long one. If you understand this simple rule of online writing, you will go crazy over its use.

What’s a short form post?

When new writers ask me how I could be so productive (as a working Mom) and publish an article every single day, I keep telling them this secret, I also want to share with you today:

Write short form pieces instead of long form articles!

Well, the next thing newbies ask me is what a short form piece is.

I tell them the following…

The power of short form posts

In the fourth quarter of 2020, Medium decided to introduce short form articles.

The beauty of short form writing is that it perfectly addresses the short attention spans of today’s users.

Think of Instagram, for instance, where you simply flip through pictures you want to see.

  • Medium’s short form pieces are 150 words. This is equivalent to what a person can read in a minute. Therefore it’s a 1 min read.
  • They provide powerful nuggets of information.
  • Medium will automatically classify a piece of 150 words or less as short form piece
  • Important to know: Short form posts aren’t eligible for further distribution.

Short form posts can go viral without curation

Don’t let anyone tell you only long form articles can go viral because they can be chosen for further distribution and promotion via Medium’s owned media.

Here’s the proof that you can earn real money from writing short form pieces without curation.

I’ve written around 200 short form pieces within 10 months on Medium. On average my pieces make around $3 to $5 each.

Here are two viral short form posts that prove people wrong who think ‘longer is always better’:

Proof #1 — $22

screenshot by Kristina God

Here’s my viral post about bots on Medium with 1.1K views and $22.

Proof #2–$45

screenshot by Kristina God

Here’s my viral 1 min short form post with 2k and $45 for you:

Here’s the high-performing long form article which made also around $40+ for a 4 min read with 620 views.

Pro tip: If you have a long form article give it a second life in form of a short form post and link to your longer piece at the bottom of your post.

6 Powerful Reasons why short form writing is best for newbies

  1. You can give a second life to your long form story
  2. It helps you build a regular habit of posting
  3. It keeps you in the habit of writing.
  4. You can find new readers.
  5. It’s a good way to experiment with different (niche) topics and headlines.
  6. It’s an easily accessible goal.

How to write a powerful short form post?

From my experience of writing 200 short form pieces within 10 months on Medium, spending at least 30 minutes on creating a short form post of 150 words will pay off for you!

I’m a Top Writer in #Short Story, here’s my proven 6-step writing process:

  1. ✅ Focus on one idea.
  2. ✅ Pick a headline and subheadline people can’t help but click on.

3. ✅ Include an appealing image with a proper source citation.

4. ✅ Keep your post short and sweet.

5. ✅ Link to long form article and/or include a call-to-action (CTA) button to gain subscribers and/or new members.

6. ✅ Review, edit your short form article, and tag your article correctly with #Short Story, ❌ not #Short Form. Only this exact tag is eligible for Top Writer status.

Perfect! Now, start writing!

Final Takeaways

Let’s make it short.

I want to come back to my initial recommendation:

Keep your posts short and sweet!

Dare to write short form posts with 150 words.

PS: A short form post can just be as good as a long one. If you understand this simple rule of online writing, you’ll go crazy over its use. Edina Abena Jackson is writing 400 short form articles this month. Crazy writing challenge, isn’t it?

© Kristina God

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