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Dear New Writers, Today Someone Will Win $60K

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Today the four finalists of the Medium Writers Challenge and the grand prize winner will be announced

We all had to wait longer than expected.

Judging for the Medium Writers Challenge was surprisingly delayed due to the high amount of essays submitted.

Hip, Hip, Hooray! Today, I’m thrilled to inform you the winners will be announced by October 12, 2021.

Kelly Eden just officially announced it via Twitter.

‘Tomorrow is the day someone will win $60K! The four finalists and grand prize winner will be announced by October 12, 2021.’

Here’s the tweet:

screenshot by Kristina God

How could I know it before it was officially announced?

A few hours ago, I already published an article called ‘Today The Winners Of The Medium Writers Challenge Will Be Announced’ in ILLUMINATION.

How could I know about the announcement without any official information?

A few days ago, fellow writer T. Mark Mangum reached out to the Medium Help Center to ask when the winners will be announced.

Oct 8, 2021, 5:48 AM PDT

It is the 7th of October. The results of the MWC have not been released in any manner that I can find.

Additionally, MEDIUM as an organization has not sent out a notification that the results will be postponed as far as I can tell. I have looked.

This is not a very professional, above-board manner in which to conduct business.

Please help.

This is the exciting answer he received and shared on October 10, 2021:

Due to the large number of submissions we received, we are taking more time with the judging.

The prompt winners and grand prize winner will be announced on October 12th, and the honorable mentions will be announced on October 15th.

Be sure to follow for the announcement.

So smart from Mark! It’s always worthwhile to contact Medium directly.

Do you have more questions about the challenge? I’m here to help and compiled some Last Minute FAQs for you.

Last Minute FAQs

Paper photo created by

Why did Medium postpone the announcement of the winners?

Here’s the only official statement I’ve found via Twitter:

screenshot by Kristina God

Medium’s tweet said they planned to announce the winners starting in early October 2021.

How many personal essays were written?

The Medium Writers Challenge got fewer entries than expected from many on this platform.

In fact, 10K + personal essays were submitted to the Writers Challenge.

I estimated the numbers to be in the ten thousands. Not even close.

In total, distributed over all 4 categories of the MWC “Death, Reentry, Work, Space” we’re talking about 10200 stories. (…) Medium might be relieved about these “low” numbers. What would they’ve done with the number I estimated?Burk

Is there a shortlist?

There are so-called ‘tag pages’ for every tag of the challenge.

  • You can filter ‘trending’ or ‘best’.*
  • You can check whether your story is on the shortlist.

(*I’d recommend having a look at ‘Best’. Here you can see the high-performing articles.)

If you click on one of the four prompts below…

you’ll see the tag page.

Example of #Death

screenshot by Kristina God
  • #Mwc Death: 3.7k stories from 3.6 writers.
  • You can see the pool of entries (10k+ in total).

How much can I win?

You can win up to $60K. The total value of all prizes is $100K.

  • Medium will announce the ‘four finalist winners — one for each prompt #death, #work, #space, #reentry, who will get $10K each.
  • One of the finalists will be selected for a grand prize of $50K.

Quick math: 10K plus 50K = $60K.

How much do I win as honorable mention?

The Top 100 honorable mention selections will each win $100!

My article for the Medium Writers Challenge wasn’t curated/distributed?

No worries. As fellow writer Rui Alves explains in his article:

The platform hosts a limited number of curation slots; hence, only a few stories get chosen for further distribution.

(…) the MWC is a free-for-all competition, and I have read nothing on those rules stating that the selection process depends on curation status or distribution.

As Estacious(Charles White) commented on Rui’s post:

I only entered two. I picked the ones that enticed me. Both were chosen for further distribution and both have made about 2 dollars combined, so I don’t know if it means anything.

And Riaz Laskar said:

MY 3 out of 4 MWC articles have been chosen or further distribution.
The irony is that remaining 1 which is not chosen for further distribution yet is doing better than the rest 3 and belive me this is the ambiguous beauty of Medium.

As far as I’m concerned, I submitted two articles.

One of them was chosen for further distribution. In regard to earnings on views both are on the same level.

If I were to win the challenge what could I spend the money on?

Two weeks ago, I asked my followers and the community: If You Were To Win The Medium Writers Challenge, What Would You Spend The Money On?

As far as I’m concerned, I would go all in and grow my online business.

Here are some more inspiring answers for you:

– a dog and invest the rest Crypto Verse

– It’s unlikely that I’d win, but if by the off chance I do get the prize, I’d like to spend it on pursuing my Master’s degree. Chau Trieu

– I’d pay off debt, get a new couch, and save the rest for a vacation once I feel safe to travel. Samantha Mueller

– Invest Invest Invest :D ! Poetic Therapy

– Save the money. :-) London Eyes

– I will go live semi-off grid with my family! JS Adam

Final Takeaways

I know a lot of people joined this platform in order to take part in the Medium Writers Challenge, which is awesome.

I also know there are a lot of writers who complain about the challenge and its prizes. They say it’s only going to make a handful of writers happy.

Here’s my take on the challenge:

The long-term potential is absolutely enormous.

The Medium Writers Challenge is beneficial for all of us.

  • #1 Many (readers) got out of their comfort zone and gave writing a try.
  • #2 The Medium Writers Challenge attracted more paying members.

The more people join this platform and become paying members, the more money is in the pot for all creators.

If you took part in the challenge I wish you all the best and I hope you’ll get (at least) the $100!

👍 Be sure to follow for the announcement of the winners!

© Kristina God

Kristina God is 11x Top Writer and one of Medium’s Top 2,000 Writers. 4x she received the Medium bonus. She loves to share her Medium 101’s, hacks as well as tips and tricks.

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