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Dear New Writers, Watch Out For Scammers On Medium

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When Barack Obama, Tim Denning, or Jessica Wildfire leave a comment, be skeptical and do this one thing immediately

Diane Egan is a Medium newbie. Nevertheless, she made it. She made Barack Obama reply to her comment on his 2021 Summer Reading List and Summer Playlist.

But you’ll never guess what happened next and what you should do when he replies to one of your comments!

Here’s what happened to Diane

screenshot by Kristina God

When Diane saw that Barack Obama replied to her comment she felt excited. His reply bruised her ego. She was thrilled.

But when she clicked on his reply she was shocked.

The former president thanked her for her kind words and then… wanted to promote Cryptocurrency?!?!

screenshot by Kristina God

Then she saw his name was slightly misspelled. Soon she realized it wasn’t the real former president after all.

It was a fake account. It was a spam message and a trap. Diane left a message and reported the fake.

Comments by Tim Denning or Jessica Wildfire could also be a scam

In fact, scammers are a serious issue on this platform.

There are a lot of writers used to people trying to scam others using famous names such as Jessica Wildfire, Ethan Sigal, or Tim Denning on Medium.

Baskerville Old Face says:

I got that same thing from Jessica Wildfire and from Ethan Siegal.

Patricia Rosa reported:

‘Tim Denning’ replied on a few of my comments. I read a few stories that people were upset that he would do that. It wasn’t him. I reported the account, and now Medium is quick to delete these. If you check back later, it will say comment from an anonymous user.


A few months ago Medium said:

We’ll be removing spam accounts from your follower and following counts across Medium starting today.

Still, especially as a new writer, you should watch out and report fake accounts to Medium.

Be alert and protect yourself and others from being scammed.

When Barak Obama, Tim Denning, Jessica Wildfire, or another Top Writer replies to your comment or leaves a comment be skeptical, read the text carefully, and report the comment as soon as possible.

Help Medium and report fake accounts and scammers.

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