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December Is The Perfect Time of The Year to Write on

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It’s the month with the biggest reader potential and boost. Plus, it’s absolutely doable to get featured by Medium.

It’s the perfect time of the year to hit publish on Medium.


Your potential readers spend more time inside than the rest of the year.

The stats of the publication The Side Hustle Club by Marx D. show you the overall trend for December — I also saw last year:


Side Hustle Club publication by Marx, stats Nov-Dec 2022

If you say:

Awesome Kristina! I also want to see my stats rise!

Here’s what you need to keep in mind to succeed:

Most publication editors will take a break

Keep in mind that many publication editors will take a break and schedule stories for the next few weeks around Christmas and New Year.

This is the email I received last week from Better Marketing, one of Medium’s biggest publications:

email Terrie Schweizer and Kristina God

If you want to get featured in one of Medium’s (biggest) publications, you have to prepare your stories now!

Oh, have you heard about Medium’s year-end writing prompt?

This December, when you hit the publish button, there’s one specific tag (=keyword, label) you should use to get featured by Medium’s editors.

In their latest newsletter, Medium invited all writers to publish a year-end retrospective on Medium.

“Think of it like your personal year in review or a very public holiday card. What did you learn this year? How did you grow, what will you remember, and what insights can you share?”

To participate in the writing prompt, publish a reflection on your year — personally, professionally, or anywhere in between — and tag it “2022.”

Medium will feature a selection of the stories in this curated list

on Medium’s homepage

and will boost it on the network.

You can check out the tag page for inspiration

Here’s the link: tag page.

To learn more about Medium’s awesome writing prompt, check out my latest story:

What’s a tag?

When you publish a post on Medium, you can add tags (=labels) to your post that describe what your post is about.

You can write whatever you think describes your post.

Medium uses these labels to inform its algorithms for showing content and organizing it.

How do I tag my article correctly to get featured?

Use the tag #2022.

  • When you’ve written your article, click on the three dots next to your notification button and choose ‘Change topics’.
  • Then type in “2022”, as I did below, and add further labels that describe your post.

Pro tip: You can add 5 tags max to your post. Take advantage of all of them! #Writehere is just one of them.

Can’t wait to see your stories getting featured by Medium!

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