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Developers On Medium, There’s One Specific Publication For You To Write For

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$$$$ — with the potential to earn $1k plus per month even as a new writers

Since my husband is a software developer, indie dev, successful YouTuber, and online course instructor, I love to stay up to date.

This morning, I read two interesting articles from software developers for software developers:

Dr Stuart Woolley wrote a piece about the Post-Pandemic Pay Problems For Software Engineers and Denys Opria shared how he managed to earn $1,700 in January 2022 as a new writer.

This crazy combination of reads got me thinking.

You can earn some extra money.

Dr Stuart Woolley shares:

It’s already widely known that the only way to get paid market rates for your skills as a permanent employee in the software engineering industry is to change jobs regularly.

and Denys Opria knows how to earn some extra money — without explicitly saying it in his article. I asked him though.

Denys (as well as Dr. Stuart who is an editor) writes for CodeX.

What’s CodeX?

CodeX is a medium publication that aims at providing top-notch content based on technology & coding.

You can write about:

Nikhil Adithyan owns this famous publication on Medium.

Editors are: Nevin Katz Attila Vágó Omar Zahran Christianlauer and Dr Stuart Woolley

How to become a writer?

  • Send an email to

The format of the email must look like this:

Article Submission — this must be your subject line

Your name*

Your Medium profile link*

Your article title*

Your article link*

Your email address (to get in touch)*

Your LinkedIn profile (if you have)

👉 Here’s all you need to know:

How to hack CodeX to find out what resonates.

Did you know that you can hack into every publication to find out what resonates?

Do you want to hack CodeX?

Alright! Your wish is my command.

Simply type in the domain of the publication and

  • add: /archive

You get to the archive of stories published by CodeX.

Sort by ‘most read’.


Here’s Denys’ article on #10 for 2022:

👉Hint: You can dive into monthly archives by using the calendar at the top of the page.

You won’t believe it, but you can go back to 2016.

Benefits of writing for a specific software developer publication on Medium

I told Denys about a friend of mine on Medium who writes about tech and software development.

He earns almost $1K per article — which is good because he has a baby at home and no time to write.

Anything is possible, guys!

So take advantage of the fact that

Final Takeaways

You’re a software developer and interested in tech?

Do you want to earn some extra money?

Then be smart and join CodeX — as editor Dr. Stuart and new writer Denys did.

Are there any other publications you recommend for software developers who want to earn some extra cash on Medium?

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