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Distribution Beyond Your Followers Isn’t Open

  • 1 min read

Finally, somebody said it

Medium wants to make its paying members happy.

To be more specific, it's readers.

Okay, that’s fine although a lot of writers feel offended by this.

“Why doesn’t Medium care more about their (paying) writers?”

I was happy when Tony FINALLY was a bit more specific in the comments section and shared in regard to distribution:

"The page views and the money that comes with it are driven by a need to serve our subscribers value that they think is worth paying for."

Everyone can write on this platform and build a following, BUT our stories aren’t open for distribution.

There’s a gatekeeper.

Medium’s AI and human curators.

But there’s less curation and the quality bar is getting higher.

So with Medium’s updates in distribution, your following is more important than ever!

Every single follower and clap counts!

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