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Do All You Can To Make Your Dreams Come True

  • 2 min read

Day Two of the 10-Day Shortform Challenge

I still can hear my granddad say:

‘To die is bad, but not to live is even worse’.

By the time my granddad said this to me, he no longer had the freedom to get up, go out, see something of the world, and live his life to the fullest.

The lesson I learned is that it’s crucial to…

  • listen to your calling
  • pursue the big goals you have for yourself
  • express your desires

When we ignore our calling, don’t pursue our dreams, don’t fulfill our desires, and instead run after the wrong things, we waste life’s most wonderful opportunities.

Even when we are alive we can already be ‘in between’ life and death.

I made my biggest dream come true, and have started a digital nomad life on the German island of Sylt a week ago!

What’s your dream?

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