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Do Writers Really Stand to Make More From Boosted Stories Than Nominators Do?

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There are a lot of rumors and misinformation on the platform.

Being an online writer is definitely a tricky business.

Especially if you’re writing for a content mill like Medium.

However, with Medium’s new Boost Program, many writers feel excited again.

Finally, their stories get seen, read and they get paid for their hard work.

However, there are also many writers complaining that it’s unfair that Nominators earn $45 per Boosted story.

Let’s take a closer look at the Boost Process:

If the writer who got Boosted is in the Medium Partner Program and has chosen to put the story behind the paywall, the writer makes money.

I’ve seen many Stats of Boosted writers in the past few weeks and often the most significant Boost totalled $25.

However, a Nominator can earn a total of $900 per month if ALL their nominations are accepted.

Fair or unfair?

Ariel from Medium explained:

“Authors stand to make more from Boosted stories than nominators do.”

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