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Do You Also Have Trouble Commenting On Medium?

  • 1 min read

It’s very weird.

Yesterday, Kylie van Gelder asked in our Boot Camp Community:

Is anyone else having problems commenting on Medium?

Her buddy Charlie Garrett and I could relate.

Yes, this is what was happening to us too.

A few days ago Medium started acting strange.

  • My comments were posted several times.
  • I couldn’t highlight or comment anymore.

Kylie even noticed:

Now, I can’t reply to people’s comments on my posts…

I also can’t comment on some (not all) articles.

It’s very weird.

I also have several stories with 2–3 exact same comments from one person.

When I comment on a piece and hit respond… another copy of my comment appears right above the just posted one.

It’s pretty annoying.

I sent Medium a message but this can take a while. 🤣

👇As far as I know Medium is updating its buggy apps at the moment. Maybe that’s the reason:👇


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