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Do You Clap Like A Baby?

  • 2 min read

I do

When my baby boy claps his chubby little hands one thing is for sure: he never claps once.

Sometimes my baby even practices speeding up and slowing down his clapping.

Clapping is a basic form of nonverbal communication. It’s one of the world’s most universal signs.

Maybe that’s the reason why Medium offers readers to clap for an article.

Moreover, Medium has made it fun to hold the clap icon down. I love watching the little clap animation!

As far as I’m concerned, I believe in claps👏🏻. If an article deserves claps, I’m always going to give it 50. It shows as much support as I can give.

I wonder if the ‘one-clappers’👏🏻 maybe don’t realize they can give more?

So clap away👏🏻! Otherwise, I will assume I’m being honored by a newbie😄.

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