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Do You Get The Sunday Scaries? There’s Hope!

  • 1 min read

It’s tough and a lot of people experience it. Set yourself apart from the rest and try this in 2023.

Sunday night rolls around and you get a pit in your stomach.

You’re dreading the next day.

You don’t (necessarily) love the work you do.

You don’t like the grind you’re in.

Can you relate?

You suffer from Sunday Scaries.

Well, there’s hope for you.

Why not start a side hustle?

Building something of value is so much fun.

A side hustle can do so much for YOU!

It can spark your creativity, connect you with wonderful people, help you to step out of your comfy box, try something new, and… will give you the courage to create a new life for yourself — outside your 9–5.

Getting the Sunday Scaries is a good sign. Your body tells you it’s longing for a change in life.

This won’t happen overnight.

Baby steps will do the trick.

Two years ago, I’ve started my side hustle and my future self is thanking me!

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