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Do You Have a Lead Magnet to Attract New Email Subscribers?

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Better start today.

As much as I love Medium, when we build our businesses solely on this platform, we’re building our dreams somewhere we can’t control.

Medium owns your followers, not you!

Your email subscribers are the only contacts you can take with you.

To grow your number of email subscribers, my tip is to create a “lead magnet”.

This is a valuable piece of content that you give away for free.

In exchange, you want your audience’s name and email addresses to grow your list.

A lead magnet is…

  • something your audience wants
  • they can get a mini transformation from
  • a quick win to gain momentum
  • something you could charge for but you don’t

Create a freebie in exchange for an email and promote it on your socials.

👏Here’s an example:

My Social Media Content Planner

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